What To Know When Buying Carpet

There are a few things you need to think about before you buy carpet like: What room(s) do you want carpet for? Are these rooms high traffic areas? Do you have kids? Do you have pets? Etc. 

All of these are important questions to ask because they will help you determine what material and style of carpet to choose. Without asking yourself these questions, deciding on carpet will be nearly impossible, as there just too many options out there. With the help of our sales reps, you will be able to sleep peacefully knowing you made the right decision for YOU. 




Nylon is the #1 carpet choice for consumers in the US, as it makes up over half of all carpet sales annually. The biggest reason for this is because it's extremely durable, yet still soft, and has a much more palatable price point than wool. It's also generally stain resistant (there's no such thing as stain PROOF).



Polyester comes in many different colors and styles and is a safe option for pets and kids because it's stain-resistant and is easy to clean. However, it's not as durable as nylon, and can fade if subjected to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. It's a great choice for renovations and home-flipping. 


You may have heard of "Smartstrand." It's just the brand-name for  "triexta." It's a popular choice for homes with pets and kids because it has a similar appearance to nylon, but is significantly softer. It's also "hydrophobic" which means it repels stains and moisture very well.  



Wool is a natural fiber, and as such, has a soft and luxurious feel. It's a very strong, and durable material that can withstand heavy foot-traffic, but it needs to be cleaned and maintained properly. It is not as stain-resistant as other choices, but should be OK if cleaned quickly. 







So what's the best pile for me?

Frieze is a shag-like carpet where the strands fall in all different directions. This helps conceal dirt and patterns of traffic, so it's great for high traffic areas. Keep in mind, frieze is only as good as the material you choose. Poly frieze is not the same as wool frieze. 


Loop (or Berber) is, as the name implies, looped. It's carpet that has been left in its manufactured woven state. Because of these loops, this style of carpet holds up extremely well to traffic and furniture impressions.  It's easy to clean and maintain.  

Cut pile is the most popular carpet option available. It's a standard woven carpet, but the loops have been cut to give a more textured look and feel. This style of carpet is very soft, and easy to clean.

Cut / Loop carpet is a combination of cut and loop piles that create a pattern throughout the entire carpet. It offers a very sophisticated look, yet can be very practical, as it hides imperfections, soiled areas, and cleans well. 

Don't forget about pad...

Carpet padding is often an afterthought. Don't make that mistake. Carpet pad is EXTREMELY important. 

It may seem like a simple decision; just choose the "cushiest" pad available, right? Nope. There are many things to consider when choosing pad. 

Having kids and pets is such a wonderful thing, yet it's not without its fair share of difficulties. Spills, messes, and accidents happen frequently when our little loved ones are around, so choosing the right pad is especially important. There are several options for "moisture barrier" pads, and you can select this type of pad in several different weights and thicknesses. 

If you're gonna have a short pile carpet installed, such as Berber, it's better to choose a thinner pad so the carpet backing stays intact longer.

For bedrooms and offices, a thicker, more luxurious pad is more than acceptable. 

Purchasing new carpet can be overwhelming, but don't stress. Speak with one of our friendly sales reps and lean on them for their expertise. They're knowledgeable, and are more than happy to help, but they're never pushy. New flooring is YOUR choice!

If you have any questions, or if you'd like to set up your FREE estimate, please contact us here, or text us through our messaging app in the bottom-right corner!