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Benefits of Carpet

Carpet has so many things going for it. It’s soft, safe, warm and quiet. It’s stain-resistant and gives excellent value for the price—and it saves energy. Carpet is also proven to trap allergens and dander (which can easily be removed with the right vacuum used regularly). So for beautiful comfort underfoot, consider carpet.

Care & Maintenance of Carpet

It’s not hard to take care of carpet—there are just a few easy steps to be aware of. Regularly following these steps will ensure that your carpet continues to look as lovely in years to come as it does when you have it installed.

What to Expect for Carpet Installation

In order for you to receive the fastest, highest quality service for your carpet installation, it is important to understand what needs to take place before, during, and after the installation. Please review the following information carefully to be fully aware of what you should expect for the installation in your home.

R2X® Stain & Soil Resistance System

Shaw’s R2X® has become the standard of excellence in the industry.

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