Carpet - Seriously Soft

Our Values

Consistent - Displaying constant effort to try our best.  Not performing great only when circumstances allow it or when we feel up to it, but at all times and in all situations.
Persistent - Being proactive in our ability to help people and fulfill needs.  Not being annoying, but rather conveniently available and willing to help.
Anticipation - Foreseeing things ahead of time.  If there is a potential problem, we need to use our intuition and experience to cope with it, avoid it, and if applicable, learn from it before it even occurs.  We are swift and on our toes in instances that require problem solving skills and innovation.
Communication - Intentionally displaying clear, consistent information to customers outside of the company, and to team members within the company - both of which will inevitably benefit customers.
Excellence - Making it a point to do things well.  From the small, seemingly insignificant things, to the obviously important, up front things, we are to perform to the best of our ability and with an attitude that reflects our love for who we are and what we do.


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